Publication Highlights


MIT Press 2023
Rutgers 2015

Peer-reviewed papers

Find pre-prints on SocArxiv and CUNY Academic Works or contact the author.

2023. “Heterogeneous Effects of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) on Undocumented College Students’ Educational Outcomes in the United States” with Keitaro Okura and Amy Hsin. International Migration Review. Online First.

2022. “Stratified Entry into Illegality: How Immigration Policy Shapes Being Undocumented.” With Amy Hsin. Social Forces, soac125.

2022. “Managing Illegality on Campus: Undocumented Mismatch between Students and Staff”. With Holly Reed and Amy Hsin. Harvard Educational Review 92(1): 32-54.

2021. “The Violence of Asylum: The Case of Undocumented Chinese Migration to the United States.” Social Forces 100(3): 1195–1217. With Amy Hsin.

2020. “The Contemporary Immigrant Rights Movement in the United States and Capitalism,” Socialism and Democracy 33(3): 1-25. Special Issue on Seattle +20. With Marcel Paret and Shannon Gleeson.

2020. “The Tale of Two Community Gardens: Green Aesthetics versus Food Justice in the Big Apple,” Agriculture and Human Values. With Justin S. Myers. 37(3): 779-792.

2020. “Doctors as Migration Brokers in the Mandatory Medical Screenings of Immigrants to the United States.” Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 46(9): 1865-1885

2019. “The Public Library as Resistive Space in the Neoliberal City.” City & Community 18(4): 1203-1219.

2019. “The Unbearable Lightness of the Cosmopolitan Canopy: Accomplishment of Diversity at an Urban Farmers Market.” City & Community 18(1): 71-87.

2019. “Super-diversity as a Methodological Approach: Re-centering Power and Inequality.” Ethnic and Racial Studies. Special Issue: Super-diversity in Everyday Life. 42(1): 53-70.

2017. “Looking Forward, Looking Back: Collective Memory and Neighborhood Identity in Two Urban Parks.” Symbolic Interaction 40(1): 101-121.

2016. “Celebrating New Citizens, Defining the Nation.” Contexts 15(2): 46-51.

2016. “Gifts among Strangers: The Social Organization of Freecycle Giving.” Social Problems 63(2): 266-283.

2015. “Making Sense of Naturalization: What Citizenship Means to Naturalizing Immigrants in Canada and the USA.” Journal of International Migration and Integration 17(4), 1143-1161.

2015. “Visions of Public Space: Reproducing and Resisting Social Hierarchies in a Diverse Community Garden.” Sociological Forum 30(1): 209-227.

2014. “Citizenship Status and Patterns of Inequality in the United States and Canada.” Social Science Quarterly 95(2): 343-359.

2012. “Naturalization Ceremonies and the Role of Immigrants in the American Nation.” Citizenship Studies. 16(7): 937-952.

2009. “Contexts of Exit in the Migration of Russian Speakers from the Baltic Countries to Ireland.” Ethnicities 9(4):507-526.

2009. “Organizational Life and Political Incorporation of Two Asian Immigrant Groups: A Case Study.” Ethnic and Racial Studies 32(9):1511-1533.